Wildflower Comb Honey Square (Heavy Duty)


Pure delicacy! Beautiful heavy-duty container

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This is that wonderful delicacy you’ve heard about but never tried. Or maybe you have once and wish to again? Honey bees gathered nectar, turned it into honey, then stored it in the little wax cells. And it’s still there—neatly sealed under that thin capping of wax. Some folks even say honey in the comb is sweeter! Spread your bread with butter, then smear with thin slices of comb honey—wax and all! This is the same product as our other comb honey, just sold in a beautiful container ready for a bow and a friend to give it to! Keeping it frozen will help to avoid crystallization.

Processed in a facility not inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Your purchase will help us reach that goal!

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