Wildflower Comb Honey Square (Economy)


Perfectly sweet delicacy! Economy container

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Ever eaten honey in the comb? When bees make honey, they store it in all those little cells, and then cap it off with a thin layer of wax. Beekeepers scrape off that layer, sling the honey out and bottle it in jars. But comb honey has never been touched. It’s still neatly sealed in the cells where the bees put it. Some people say it’s even a bit sweeter! Try it! Just spread your bread with butter, then smear thin layers of comb honey onto it—wax and all! It’s delicious! This is the same product as our other comb honey, just sold in a cheaper container. Keeping it frozen will help to avoid crystallization.

Processed in a facility not inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Your purchase will help us reach that goal!

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