The best kind of weather to install taps into the trees!
There’s always time for a new idea!
Drilling a hole in the tree before inserting the tap.
“It’s a cold January day, but the wind isn’t blowing. Just right for tapping.”
It takes many a night hour!
Fixing a squirrel chew in the tubing.
Where the dripping begins…
The tubing system, vacuuming sap from thousands of taps.
A step back from our tubing system… hang the bags out!
Tubing strung through the trees.
Buckets in a small Michigan forest… collecting sap just like anything else!
With tanks, trailer, and a pump, roadside sapping is easy!
It’s a network of tubes and pipes and sap!
One of the large sap holding tanks at the edge of the sugarbush.
Where sap turns into syrup…
Pure syrup withdrawal after the boiling process.
Freshly canned maple syrup… waiting to reach your hands!