About Us

Welcome to Sterling Maple, the sweet world of southern Michigan’s pure maple syrup and wildflower honey! Are you looking for these delicious natural sweeteners to add to your breakfast? Or are you interested in retailing pure maple syrup and honey in your restaurant, food store, or hotel? Look no further!

Browse our site, contact us with questions, and place your order for a prompt and safe shipment. Or, arrange pickup at our store 8 miles west of Three Rivers, Michigan and only 25 miles south of Kalamazoo, Michigan. As you browse, be sure to check out our growing collection of specialty maple products and gift baskets, beeswax candles, soaps, lip balms, rustic wooden crates… and more!

Imitation syrups cannot compare to our pure southwest Michigan honey or maple syrup—not too light, not too dark, not too runny or tasteless—God knew what He was doing when He provided us with these healthy, all-natural sweeteners!

Since 2012, Sterling Maple has grown from a small back-woods hobby in southwest Pennsylvania to a commercial operation in southwest Michigan. Living near some of the best maple trees in the nation provides all the resources we need to produce a sterling product for your table!

In 2015, we installed a vacuum/tubing system in a 40-acre maple forest near Marcellus, MI and are now processing sap from nearly 4,000 taps from our local area. In late winter when nights are cool and days are warm, maple sap begins to flow. Maple trees drink up water during cool nights, but the rising temperatures during the day force it down again. Since the trees don’t need it all, we drill small holes into the trees, insert the maple taps which are connected to a network of tubing lines, turn on the vacuum pump and let the faintly sweet sap fill our large tanks. In our sugar shack, an inspected, food-grade facility near Mendon, MI, a reverse osmosis process removes most of the water. With a large evaporator, the remainder of excess water is boiled out and the sap thickens and caramelizes to create the sterling, delicate maple syrup! This syrup is then bottled and canned in a certified, food-grade facility, and inspected for your satisfaction.

Here the trees and the bees are our friends and partners! Here the maple woods in March and the beehives in August drip their sweetness! Here in winter we sip hot tea with honey and fork in fluffy pancakes laden with pure Michigan maple syrup! Here we labor with God, His gifts and His weather patterns and worship His goodness and order!

Try our Michigan maple syrup in your sticky buns! Substitute some of the sugar in your homemade breads with honey or maple syrup! Drizzle it on ice-cream, yogurt, or fresh fruit! Mix with cream cheese and peanut butter for a perfect fruit dip! Surprise friends with a unique delectable flavor in baked beans or as a ham glaze! Your creativity and experimentation is the limit!

I, Sterling Showalter,  am committed to living up to my name—both in character and in producing a sterling product for your table!

Sterling Showalter, Owner